Delay in Paper Statements

We are aware that paper statements have taken longer to arrive in mailboxes the last few months. We sincerely apologize for these delays and want to assure you we have been working with our vendor to improve mail times. In the meantime, we wanted to share with you why the delay has been taking place and let you know that August statements will be mailed no later than end of day today.

If you would like to receive statements without delay, eStatements are safe, secure, and archived in online banking for several months. If you sign up for eStatements today, your statements will be available right away. In addition, in September, receive $5* when you sign up for eStatements.


COVID has caused:

  • Labor shortages
    • Within statement vendor
    • Among USPS semi drivers
  • Reduction in domestic commercial flights which USPS utilizes for mail
  • Part shortages needed for print presses

What our vendor is doing to alleviate the delay:

  • Investment in technology to assist with labor shortage
  • Increased wages to attract more, quality employees
  • Overscheduling shifts to ensure no employee shortages
  • Improved communications to customers

Again, we apologize for these delays and appreciate your patience as we navigate through some uncharted waters.

Enroll in eStatements Today!

eStatements are an electronic version of your account statements. They are free and delivered right to your online account! eStatements make it easy to reduce clutter and be more eco-friendly all in one. Once enrolled, you will be notified via email when your eStatement is ready to be viewed. You can view your statements within online banking or via our mobile app. So what are you waiting for? Enroll today!

*$5 is considered income; a 1099 may be issued. To receive $5, you must log into ITSME247 and accept the Online User Agreement before end of day September 30, 2021. Only valid on NEW eStatement enrollments. Accounts that are already set up for eStatements do not qualify. $5 will be deposited into the 000 savings account no more than 5 business days after September 30, 2021.