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More Info on Stimulus Checks

What to Expect with Round Two of Stimulus Checks

Great news! Our files indicate that stimulus funds will begin to arrive January 4, 2021. We understand you are anxious to receive your funds, and we are excited for you to get them in your accounts. However, we want to remind you that the funds will come to us in batches and we don’t control the order or the process.

If you don’t see your funds on day one, please don’t worry, as it may appear in the days following.

In addition, while we understand the desire to log in and check on your deposit, a high volume of login’s may result in an amount our system cannot handle causing online banking and mobile app downtimes.

As our previous emails have stated, we highly encourage all members to sign up for eAlerts – the ACH deposit eAlert will provide you a notice when the deposit arrives so you don’t have to continue to log in.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to online banking.
  3. Hover over Info Center (upper left corner) and click eAlert Subscription.
  4. Click the eAlerts subscription option(s) you’d like to set up.
  5. Complete required fields (account, balance limit, email address, etc.).
  6. Choose your communication method. 

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