Prospera Cards now available via your Digital Wallet

The Three S’s you Need to Know about your Digital Wallet: Secure, Simple, Speedy

Prospera Cards are now available via your digital wallet!

What is it?

A digital wallet allows you to use “The Pays,” Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, Google PayTM, etc. The Pays use near field communication (NFC) which is technology that allows information to pass between a mobile device and a compatible payment device when they are near each other. It’s also called contactless pay.


A digital wallet on your mobile device is safer than you think! You read that right, utilizing your digital wallet can be more secure than using your physical card! Your number is NOT stored on your phone and retailers never have access to your card number because each transaction uses tokenization (the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identification symbols that retain all the essential information about the data without compromising its security.)

In addition, your wallet can only be accessed via password or biometrics such as fingerprint or face identification.

Simple and Speedy

When you approach a point of sale look for the contactless payment icon:

Hold your phone or watch near the reader (you may have to utilize a fingerprint or passcode) and a subtle vibration and/or beep will confirm payment! There are quick access options (i.e. Apple phones allow quick access via a double click of the home button) and sometimes you don’t even have to open the digital wallet app.

A record of the transaction is then saved in your digital wallet which you can view if you open up your app.

Ready to Start Your Digital Wallet?

Download or open your wallet app. Follow the prompts for your specific device to add your Prospera Cards to your wallet. (Many times all you have to do is take a picture of your card and answer a few identifying questions.) You will also want to make sure you set Prospera as your default card, especially if you want to utilize the quick access options. This will be the card that comes up first when you attempt payments with your digital wallet.

If you have a digital wallet available through your watch, this may require separate set-up. Go to your watch settings to get started!

Some card providers, such as Prospera, require a phone call as a security step to confirm. Prospera will also send a follow-up letter to the mailing address on file as an extra security step to confirm you added your card to your digital wallet.

Where to use Apple Pay

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Note: use of this virtual card will be subject to the terms of your Credit Card Agreement, as may be amended.

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