Save smart. We offer several saving clubs to help you reach your savings goals.

Regular Share Savings

Minimum deposit of $5.


Daisy Dollar Kids Club

Great prizes and fun activities reward kids for saving small amounts over time. With a minimum of $5 to open, kids can join any time from birth to age 14.

For every $10 deposited you earn one Daisy Dollar. Save up your Daisy Dollars to “buy” gift certificates, sports and movie tickets, etc. You can even turn them into real cash that is deposited into your account, helping grow your balance even faster!


Holiday Club

Save for the holidays throughout the year. Make deposits weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. Make it even easier with automatic transfers or payroll deduction.

Funds are transferred to the account of your choice annually in the month of your choice. A higher dividend rate, along with peace of mind, are your rewards for not touching the money before the year is up!


Saver’s Sweepstakes

A prize-linked savings account that offers prize drawing entries for each time you increase your savings balance by $25 (up to six entries per month – $150 in deposits)!

Prize drawings held monthly ($100 prize amounts), quarterly ($1,000 prize amounts) and annually ($5,000 prize amount).

Unlike playing the lottery, you don’t lose anything with Saver’s Sweepstakes – all of the money you deposit into your account is yours!

Click here for complete terms, conditions and official rules.

TOPS (Tax or Personal Savings)

Customized “Club” Savings Account. You can have up to four of these accounts. Consider it an electronic spin on the old envelope system! Save in small increments in advance for life’s expenses:

  • Vacation
  • Taxes
  • Wedding
  • Special Purchases
  • Insurance/Medical Payments

Health Savings Accounts

A tax-advantaged savings/checking account that provides a different way to pay and save for qualified medical expenses. You must be covered by a qualified high deductible health plan to be eligible. Consult with your insurance provider if you are unsure if your plan qualifies. This is an attractively priced, interest-bearing account that can be opened with only a $25 deposit, and it comes with a free initial issuance of a VISA® debit card. No set up fee, monthly or annual maintenance fees.

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