How will you jointly manage your finances?

It’s so important to your relationship to get this right. Prospera helps by providing practical financial guidance to minimize frustration and maximize your shared financial security.

One of the joys of finding another person to be with is watching your lives come together in balance and harmony. Money management is an area where many couples find themselves in need of assistance during the process.

We understand the unique challenges and questions couples have about their money management and we are equipped with the knowledge and tools to answer questions and allow you and your significant other to make your financial goals into realities.

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Struggling with shared income, debts, and habits?

Each of you comes with stuff, debts, income, spending habits, and long-term plans. Organizing and making decisions is critical. How can you make sensible choices about what to do and when?

Our free resources will help you navigate combining incomes, budgets, debts and expenses. Download them now!

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Prospera can help you budget

Two-for-One Budgeting

It’s exciting to see your lives come together on paper! Using our helpful budgeting template, you’ll get a good handle on:

  • Combined monthly income after taxes
  • Living expenses—hopefully some savings from living together
  • Total payments for combined loans—from credit cards to cars
  • Housing costs—own or rent
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Can you save without sacrafice

Creating your household finance plan


Once you’ve made your overall budget and sorted through what you have together and what you really need, it’s time to make a household plan going forward. We will help you answer questions such as:

  • Are there any expenses we can eliminate?
  • Can we consolidate and/or pay off credit card debt and other loans?
  • Should we refinance our mortgage or car loans?
  • Would additional accounts help us with organization and planning?
  • How much money will we have left over after all our adjustments?

Prospera can help with setting up accounts, consolidating loans, debt payments and refinancing, so your plan can really begin to take shape.

Start your household plan


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Agreeing where to put extra cash

Agreeing on priorities is the first step in developing a plan for future prosperity. Joining your two lives together will likely provide you both with greater financial flexibility. Understanding each other’s needs—and compromising where necessary—is essential to developing a livable plan.

We’ll talk over both your financial goals, and the best places to put any extra cash, such as:

  • A “rainy-day” fund to protect against job loss
  • Saving for or purchasing a new car or new house
  • Payments into a retirement account
  • Savings for any future kids’ expenses

You’ll talk things through and really get a clear picture of where things stand financially. The fun is just beginning!

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“They take the time. You walk in and don’t feel like they are going to try and sell you on something. They just want to help you. They have the patience to answer all your questions. It was wonderful and we felt so much more confident.

“Go to Prospera. You will get the mortgage. You will get the education. You will get the service. They will hold your hand through the whole thing. They will teach you everything that you need to know. It was like a weight lifted off our shoulders. We both just felt good.”

Mitch and Jessica Ryan | Appleton, WI