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We all had to learn money management somewhere. Never worry about your child’s financial future. Help them get started budgeting today.

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Teens face a lot of financial pressure.

It’s easy to fall into debt. Car loans, credit cards, and looming college tuition are just a few ways teenagers feel the money crunch.

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that financial pressure
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Financing a college education is difficult and complex. We put together a free guide that will give you all of the information you need to be ready for the next educational chapter ahead. Download it now!

Watch how we helped Jan help her daughter get on the right financial track.

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Prospera can help you budget

When should a teenager get a credit card?

Credit cards are important financial tools. Your teenage child may want one right away. Credit cards can be great for::

  • Develop good financial habits
  • Build credit score
  • Teach valuable lessons about credit
  • Encourage responsibility and maturity

Managing credit cards is a critical skill. It’s something we’ll talk through with your teen.

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Can you save without sacrafice

Should my teenager take out a car loan?

What teen doesn’t want their own vehicle? Before they get their own wheels, we’ll help them make the right choice by answering:

  • How much can I afford?
  • What is the best starter car for me?
  • What is APR?
  • How will this affect my credit rating?
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When and how to start saving for college?

Your teen’s education is important, but so is taking care of your future. As we map out a plan for covering his/her schooling, we need to review your retirement goals:

  • How much can you put away for college?
  • What’s the best place for college savings?
  • How much should your teen contribute?
  • What can you put away for retirement?
  • Where’s the best place for building your investments?

We’ll work together to find ways to reduce or eliminate expenses to help prepare for everyone’s future needs.

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“My husband and I raised our children to be money-smart. Alex was the perfect bridge for taking the grown up information she learned and applying it to her life now. Hearing it from another person makes it a ‘home run!’

“I will be bringing in our other children to talk with him in the future. He was nonjudgmental, honest, and gave Kate great examples and cleared up so many questions she had. As a parent, I never knew a credit union could offer this to our family.”

Jan Noffke - Appleton, WI