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If so, Prospera’s practical guidance will help you organize your finances so you can live the way you want.

You may have grown up thinking that single people have less to worry about with their money management than couples. You likely have not found this to be true. The fact of the matter is singles have just as many questions to answer and problems to solve as couples and married people do.

Through financial guidance, we are able to help answer these questions about budgeting, borrowing money and financial planning for life events or savings goals. We will work with you to assess your expenses, manage your unique income situation and get you in the prime position to accomplish your financial goals.

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You’re not alone. In a world of rising costs and growing challenges, it can be tough to make it on your own. Let Prospera help you unlock your potential and reach your goals.

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Prospera can help you budget

You’d be surprised where your money is going

Budgeting and money management is exciting once you see what it can do for your financial future! Our budgeting spreadsheet template helps you easily organize all your financial information. You may be surprised where your money goes! You’ll fill in monthly amounts in our template for:

  • Income— all sources, from job to alimony
  • Living expenses by category
  • Housing costs—rent, mortgage, etc.
  • Other debts—student loans, credit cards, car payments, etc.
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Can you save without sacrafice

Can you save without much sacrifice?

Yes! Budgets can be revealing and provide great insight and opportunity for strengthening your financial standing. With these facts in hand, we’ll look at such things as:

  • Expenses you can eliminate/reduce
  • Credit cards—how many do you need, and what are the interest rates
  • Refinancing of mortgage or car loans
  • Debt payoff prioritization

Often we can find ways to save money without much sacrifice — and that can help free you up financially.

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You can win at finances

Our financial guidance review will uncover great ways of saving money. You can use those funds to secure your future and protect against job loss or other events. We can discuss places to put extra money, such as:

  • Building a “rainy-day” fund to protect against job loss
  • Saving for or making a major purchase such as a car or house
  • Long-term investments
  • Building a tax-deferred nest egg early for your retirement

Your Prospera  professional will sort through the options with you, so you’ll be on solid financial footing!

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