Have enough money to do what you want?

If not, Prospera provides practical financial guidance so you never have to worry about your financial future.

When you’re starting on your own, you’re getting your feet beneath you in many important ways. Personal finance is one of the most important aspects of this new beginning. Prospera understands all that goes into starting on your own, wants to help you be successful and has the tools to empower you financially.

We offer help with budgeting, personal finance, and even guidance on borrowing for important life events. Our financial advisors are here to help you during this exciting and adventurous lifestage.

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Can you survive on a budget?

Good money management begins with budgeting. It’s easy to fall into debt: credit cards, auto loans and monthly expenses are just a few ways to feel the money crunch when you’re starting out on your own.

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that financial pressure 

Prospera Budgeting 101 eBook coverFree Budgeting 101 eBook

The experts at Prospera Credit Union will teach you how to:

  1. Track your spending
  2. Manage debt
  3. Achieve your financial dreams

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Prospera can help you budget

Easy Budgeting

We can help make budgeting a painless process, starting with our free budgeting spreadsheet template. It helps make preparation easy and straightforward as you enter information on:

  • Monthly income — all sources
  • General living expenses by category
  • Debts — student loans, credit cards, car payments, etc.

You also need to review all employee benefits to which you’re entitled, from 401k to health insurance. This tells you where you’re covered and where the holes are.

Learn how to budget
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Planning How to Save and Spend

Financial success takes planning. We’ll look at ways to optimize your financial picture, including:

  • Ideal savings/checking account choices
  • Smart credit card management
  • Optimal student debt payment plan
  • Credit card debt consolidation

We can also refer you to sources that can help you with:

  • W-4 forms
  • Determining tax withholdings
  • Tax return preparation
  • Additional insurance needs

Feeling more relaxed now? We hope so!

Win at your finances!
Can you save without sacrafice

More Money, More Options

To get the most out of life, it pays to think ahead. If you have a financial cushion after all expenses are accounted for, you can do a lot with that extra cash like:

  • Saving for a major purchase like a car or house
  • Taking trips, guilt-free
  • Building a “rainy-day” fund to protect against job loss
  • Long-term investments
  • Building a tax-deferred nest egg early for your retirement
Get the most out of life

“Starting on my own, I needed to better understand how to manage money and types of credit. When my mom and I met with Alex at Prospera, he was awesome. He showed me I didn’t have to learn this all on my own. He put my finances into a relevant picture I could realistically see. Plus, he answered all my questions (without judgement or a skewed opinion). He was much easier to relate to than a teacher or parent. I left feeling reassured and confident.”

Kate Noffke, Appleton WI