Financial and practical guidance for members recently widowed.

Where Do You Start?

We’ll help you transition into a new financial plan through this difficult time.

Our Professionals at the Right Pace

A caring Prospera professional can help with your most immediate needs, all at the right pace for you:

  •  Putting joint accounts in your name
  • Reviewing/adjusting credit/debit cards
  • Assisting with estate transfer
  • Handling any life insurance proceeds

“My husband and I had been members for over forty years. Fred was the one who handled all the banking. When Fred passed, I went to Prospera to see how to manage our accounts. I met with Darci Bartman, and we meshed during our meetings because we found that we were both dealing with loss of a loved one. Darci was compassionate and caring in helping me switch our accounts over to my name. She also explained other areas that I might be interested in that the Credit Union provided.

“I’m very comfortable now in my visits to the Credit Union. Heather and all of the tellers at the Neenah branch are so friendly and helpful. I have seen and talked to Darci since and she has helped me with other matters. I know that I can count on her or others for any questions and needs that I have. I enjoy the personal touch that I have found in my banking at Prospera and the friends I have made.”

Mary Harold - Neenah, WI

From Two to One

After we review all your accounts and credit cards and get everything put in your name, we can talk over such things as:

  •  Any loans you may need for the transition
  • Help needed with managing your finances if your spouse handled that
  • Securing legal counsel as needed to assure the estate transfer goes smoothly
  • How to use our budgeting template to get a handle on your current financial situation

Your New Budget

Our budgeting spreadsheet template will help you lay out your current monthly household expenses, loans, income, etc. That will give us a great starting point to discuss where you stand financially

Opening the Door

Developing a financial plan will hopefully provide a comforting blueprint to help you move past your grief.

Once you’ve put your budget together, we’ll look at your current income and expense line items. Some of these may have changed dramatically with the loss of your spouse:

  • Have you lost a steady spousal income?
  • Will other income such as pension or social security be available?
  • What expenses such as insurance premiums and club dues can be eliminated?
  • What daily living expenses will be reduced?

Setting Up Your New Life

Once we’ve made all the right adjustments to income, expenses and debts based on your new life situation, we’ll have a custom financial plan that will help you move forward.

It’s About You

You’ve spent your adult life caring for–and about–someone else. Now you need to be the focus. We will provide guidance and talk through:

  •   Where you want to live—should you downsize?
  • What spousal assets (car, valuables) can you sell or gift?
  • What can you draw on for retirement (401k, investments, pension), and are they in your name?
  • How much disposable income can you set aside for your later years?

Together we’ll decide how best to build the future security you deserve.