Prospera LIFEstage™ Personal Guidance has helped our members achieve prosperity

Prospera Credit Union serves a seven-county area and is strong enough to provide you with everything you need, yet small enough to know you personally and care about your and your family’s prosperity. When you choose Prospera, you become a member, not just a customer. Part of a family. A family that works together for everyone’s benefit.

Prospera Credit Union is here to give you personal, tailored guidance to prosperity. Find out more about LIFEstage™ personal guidance and how we’ve helped our members achieve prosperity.

Whatever prosperity looks like for you, Prospera’s LIFEstage™ Personal Guidance gives you the tools you need to get there.

Everybody has a different idea of their ideal financial situation. At Prospera, we’re aware that prosperity is a unique and deeply personal value.

Our LIFEstage™ Personal Guidance is based around your individual situation and goals. Get in touch with us today and see for yourself how easy it is to start moving toward your prosperity.

What’s Your LIFEstage™?

Prosperity means achieving your goals.

Everybody has goals! At Prospera, we love talking with people who care a lot about big goals and are serious about seeing them happen (even dragons).

Prosperity means achieving these goals. With our exclusive LIFEstage™ Personal Guidance program, we’ll help you get there. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our LIFEstage™ Personal Guidance can help you achieve your biggest goals.

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Learn how we helped Mike Wilcox and Blong Yang achieve prosperity through LIFEstage™ Personal Guidance.

“If anyone’s looking for help or advice, hands down, Prospera’s the place.” – Mike Wilcox


As a single dad, Mike was looking for guidance on his finances and how to do more than get by. He wanted to prosper. After unsuccessfully trying to work with his existing bank, Prospera’s LIFEstage™ Personal Guidance was able to work with Mike and get him on the path toward his personal vision of prosperity. Listen to Mike’s story!

“I see myself working with Prospera today, tomorrow…regardless of the size of my business.” – Blong Yang


The H’Mongous egg roll has become a staple of Fox Cities dining. Unlike his famous egg rolls, however, Blong’s knowledge on how to navigate the restaurant business was less than huge. Blong met with Prospera to get Eggrolls Inc on track for financial prosperity. Listen to Blong’s story!

Prospera Credit Union is here to give you personal, tailored guidance to prosperity.