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Tax Return Solutionsdo you have a tax plan?

Transform your taxes from a tedious obligation to an exciting opportunity for maximizing savings and increasing financial security.

Tax Planning and Filing Help From Prospera

Tax planning is more than just having your taxes done – it's looking at specific opportunities to lower your taxable income, maximize your financial future, and move towards greater financial prosperity. Simply drop off your taxes, then return to review and submit.

Prospera Tax Partners

If you're a Prosperity Partners client, our team will apply their years of experience to maximize your refund and can meet you at any of our Prospera branches during regular branch hours.

Erin Bishop

Tax Services Assistant

Benefits of a Tax Partner

  • Professional tax services that simplify tax planning and tax preparation

  • Simple, straight-forward process that takes the drudgery out of tax preparation

  • Accurate tax reporting and pursuit of the largest tax refund possible

  • Year-round access to Jeff for any tax questions that arise

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What to Expect

  • An initial appointment to discuss your current tax situation, help identify any missing documents, and go over pricing.
  • Drop off your taxes and leave the rest to Jeff and his team!
  • They'll be in touch to review your return, sign documents, and file.

Prospera Tax Solutions

We've got the experience you can trust. Schedule an appointment to talk with one of our Tax Partners. We'll help you get your tax plan together.

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