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During business hours you can call 920-882-4800.

Having problems with your debit card after hours?

  • Report Lost/Stolen: 1-800-528-2273 (Available 24 hours)
  • Report an Unauthorized Transaction: 1-800-808-6402 (Available Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST, Saturday – Sunday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. EST)

If fraud is detected in your debit card, you may receive a text or phone call from our fraud watch services.

Having problems with your credit card after hours?

  • Report Lost/Stolen: 1-800-449-7728.
  • Report an Unauthorized Transaction: 1-888-918-7313


Yes – to ensure you do not experience disruption of service while you travel, it is important to notify the credit union. If you do not notify the credit union this could be viewed as unusual activity putting your card on fraud watch and locking you out for use.

If your account number is 12345-000, simply drop the dash, 12345000. Proper format would exclude any symbols.

You have three options available to you.

You may reset your own password by completing the first step of log-in and entering your username. Once you click login and are directed to the second page you will see an option for “I forgot my password.” Click here.

You may contact us by clicking here; this will send a direct email. Finally you can contact any branch at 920-882-4800 and they can help you.

Please contact the credit union by clicking here or calling 920-882-4800. We will reset your password for you.

Absolutely. We’ve taken measures to safeguard your account information so that any transaction or inquiry about your accounts will be protected.

There are two ways.

Call 24 hour telephone account access at 920-882-4700 or log in to 24 online account access at the top of the page. Not set up? Click here or call 920-882-4800.

Both of these options are free services.


Yes, it’s as if you were in the branch. It will reflect in your account as soon as you complete the transaction.

To report an e-mail phishing scam involving Prospera Credit Union, please forward the e-mail message here.

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1) Corresponding Credit Union

Corporate Central Credit Union

Muskego, WI

ABA # 275-082-866


2) Further Credit

Prospera Credit Union

Menasha, WI

ABA # 275-979-429


3) Final Credit

Member’s Name

Account # (ckg/svgs)


Dollar amount wired.


Prospera Credit Union is committed to making a positive impact on the neighborhoods in which we live and work. We know that charitable donations are a part of being a good neighbor.

Prospera receives several requests for donation each year. In response to the large number of requests, we have developed criteria to guide us through the process of allocating charitable contributions to help us best serve those in need of our assistance.

  • Prospera will only donate to non-profit 501-(c)3 operating in the areas in which our branches serve. We will make exception for schools and churches if they have a fully active account at Prospera.
  • We are unable to contribute to individuals or families in pursuit of individual goals or their personal interests. However, we do support non-profit organizations that assist people in these situations. (i.e. United Way, Salvation Army, American Cancer Society, etc.)
  • We are unable to contribute to political organizations, fraternal groups or social clubs that engage in any kind of political activity.
  • We do not contribute to donations for advertising in bulletins, event programs, yearbooks or any other similar print advertising.
  • We generally do not contribute donations to sports clubs, sports teams or sports events.
  • All organizations requesting assistance may not discriminate for any reason including race, color, religion, creed, age, gender, national origin or sexual orientation.
  • We would appreciate if your donation request form was submitted at least one month prior to your event.