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blazing your first trails

Starting On Your Own

Hold on Tight
The transition from living at home to being on your own can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. As you start your new life, there's so much to learn so quickly.

Make sense of credit cards,
budgeting, and more!

freedom and more freedom


Completely Up to You
As a single person, your financial plan is your choice. We'll give you the financial and practical guidance to put you on the right track for financial freedom.

Set yourself up
for financial freedom

takes two to tango


Going All In
Each of you comes to the table with "stuff"— furniture, debts, income, spending habits, and long term plans. Organizing and making decisions is critical. We can help you make sensible choices about what to do and when.

Start your life together
the right way

the amazing joy of hard work

Parenting Young Children

Don't Get Rattled
Having children can bring great joy, some anxiety, and financial questions like:

  • How do I/we balance work and children?
  • What should I budget for baby clothing, diapers, toys?
  • Can I afford a babysitter for getaways?
  • When do I start a college fund?

challenges and amazements

Parenting with Teenagers

Starting to Let Go
The teenage years are filled with questions about how much responsibility to hand over and when.

  • Should my teen open their own checking account?
  • What about a debit card?
  • Should my teen help pay for college?
  • Should I cosign a car loan? A credit card?

hitting the reset button


Suddenly Single
Living on your own again isn’t something you plan, but now we need to hit the financial reset button. Many people go through divorce, and no two situations are the same. There’s a lot to work out:

  • Individual accounts versus joint
  • New credit and debit cards
  • Accounting for personal assets and debts based on the settlement
  • New living and income situations
Organize and understand
your finances

sadness and wonderful memories


From Two to One
You’ve spent your adult life caring for (and about) someone else. Now you need to be the focus. We will provide guidance and talk through:

  • Where you want to live—should you downsize?
  • What spousal assets (car, valuables) can you sell or gift?
  • What can you draw on for retirement (401k, investments, pension), and are they in your name?
  • How much disposable income can you set aside for your later years?
See how we can help build
the financial security you deserve.

coming full circle

Empty Nesters

Coming Full Circle
As your kids head out on their own, the end of chaotic schedules can be a bittersweet change. It’s a great time, though, to pause and take a look at some practical things:

  • Where you are financially
  • Ways to simplify your life
  • Where you stand retirement wise
  • What’s on that “bucket” list?
Profitably transition from
parenting to more YOU time

well you made it!


It’s About Time
Finally! All those years of hard work are coming to an end! Soon you will be free to do what you want, when you want. But, like most transitions, there can be financial questions:

  • Will I have enough income to live?
  • Where should I live?
  • Do I need a part-time job?
  • Is there enough money for traveling?
Find out how to enjoy
your retirement

Each stage in your life is very different and requires different financial strategies so you can enjoy your life, worry-free.