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Personal Loansyou've got this

Life is full of surprises…

With a low interest personal loan from Prospera…you've got this

Unfortunately, not all of life's little surprises are good. Water heaters, refrigerators, cars – they are all kind of important. Sometimes they stop running and it’s always when you least expect it. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Kwik Cash Line of Credit

It’s sort of like a credit card without the plastic and often a lower rate. It’s an emergency line of credit that is here when you need it.

Signature and Share Secured Loans

These are personal loans without collateral or where we use a savings account as collateral.

Need help deciding which personal loan solution is right for you? Give us a call at 920-882-4785, or drop us a line via our Contact Form. We're here to help!

“I've been a member of Prospera Credit Union since I was a child and have had a wonderful experience over the years working with the staff. My financial situation hasn't always been glamorous, especially with being a single mom. Prospera has always come through and approved me for personal loans several times when I needed them most, allowing me to focus on the thing that matters most, my family.”

Lucy B. Home Branch: Neenah
Prospera member Lucy B.

Take Life's Little Surprises In Stride

Low interest personal loan options for all of life’s little surprises. We’re here when you need it most with no prepayment penalty and flexible, customized terms.