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TruStage™ Life Insurancetaking care for the future

A plan for every stage of your life

As a credit union member, you have the opportunity to take advantage of great life insurance options through our partnership with TruStage™.

Applying online just takes a few minutes. No medical exam required.

Life Insurance designed to protect

TruStage™ Life Insurance products are designed to help you protect the achievements and aspirations of those who matter most in your life with plans to fit your situation and your budget.

Life insurance pays your beneficiaries money which can be used for any purpose. It can:

  • Provide cash for daily living expenses
  • Fund your children’s education
  • Meet monthly mortgage payments
  • Protect your loved one’s future

Peace of Mind For You and Your Loved Ones

We share our TruStage™ partner's belief that Life Insurance should be simple and affordable.

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TruStage™ is the marketing and brand for the life insurance offered through CMFGLife Insurance Company. This insurance is not federally insured or guaranteed or sold by your credit union. Products may not be available in all states. Be sure to understand the complete details of coverage, including exclusions and limitations.