We are committed to the highest level of account and financial security for all our members.

The Security Alerts page will help keep you informed of current fraudulent activities, tactics and alerts. We encourage you to use the information here as a resource to help protect yourself from becoming an unsuspecting victim of identity theft or other fraud or scam.

Check this page regularly, as we will add updated information as it becomes available.

Prospera® Credit Union WILL NEVER ask you to verify financial information or to input your debit/credit card number and PIN via phone, text message or in an email. As always, contact us if you have any questions.

If you receive a phone call, text or email asking for personal information, please contact us immediately to report it.

Current Alerts

Equifax Breach

Based on a breach that was confirmed by Equifax, more than half the individuals in the United States have potentially had their personal information – including names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and, in some cases, driver’s license and credit card numbers – exposed to identity thieves.

What you can do:

Visit Equifax’s website, which has a tool to determine whether your data is likely to have been exposed as well as updates from the company and FAQs.

Many consumer advocates recommend individuals apply a credit freeze (“security freeze”) to their file with each of the bureaus – a process that prevents creditors and lenders from pulling a person’s credit report. (If a credit file has been frozen it must be “thawed” by the individual before they may apply for credit, however). Clark Howard has a webpage detailing how to freeze your credit with all of the major credit bureaus.

Equifax has announced it is dropping fees until Nov. 21 – as well as refunding some fees that have already been paid – to enact an individual credit freeze.

The FTC and CFPB are also urging consumers to use fraud alerts to compel lenders to take additional steps to verify a consumer’s identity before opening credit. When an alert is created by one bureau it must also notify the others. Alerts can be set up for 90 days or as long as seven years.

You can also access your credit report at least once annually for free at AnnualCreditReport.com and take action if you notice unusual activity. The FTC has a website for consumers to report instances where their information has been lost or exposed.

Additional tips to remain vigilant and protect your personal data:

  • Don’t respond to email, text or telephone calls asking for personal or financial information
  • Frequently review account activity and immediately report unauthorized transactions
  • Place an initial fraud alert with credit bureaus if fraud has occurred
  • Enroll and opt-in for transaction monitoring
  • Use card on/off switches (if available)
  • Enroll in Verified by VISA / MasterCard Secure Code


CPA Audit

In connection with the regular annual CPA audit of the financial statements of Prospera Credit Union, you may receive a letter verifying the balance on a deposit or loan account as of June 30, 2017.  Responses must be mailed to our CPA audit firm for control purposes.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WOULD PROSPERA OR THE CPA AUDIT FIRM ASK YOU TO DIVULGE PERSONAL OR ACCOUNT INFORMATION.  This process is only asking you to confirm the abbreviated information supplied in the letter is accurate as of June 30, 2017.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 920-882-4800 and ask for a Branch Manager.