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Automated Credit Card Fraud Alerts Coming Your Way

Starting July 28, 2021, you will begin to receive automated texts, calls, and email alerts when a credit card purchase is detected as fraud. 

How does this work:

Automated Fraud Alerts will contact you via phone call (automated message), SMS Text Message, and email providing the suspected fraud activity. This then allows you to confirm whether the transaction was fraud or not.

Why are we adding this feature:

To help better protect our members!

Our Automated Fraud Alerts will never ask for account information, passwords, or other sensitive information via these channels. Our Automated Fraud Alerts require a simple yes (Y) or no (N) reply. No registration is needed. 

If you are questioning whether or not the message is from Prospera, contact us at 920.882.4800 or click here to learn more. 


Get Updates About Your Account Right to Your Phone

Want to know when your account has fallen below a certain level, when your CD matures, or when your loan payment is due? Enroll in eAlerts and/or eNotices to stay up to date about changes to your account.