Simplify Your Life with Bill Pay and get Rewarded!

At Prospera, we believe managing your bills shouldn't be complicated. That's why we LOVE our Bill Pay eService!

With this service, you can easily pay all your bills online automatically. No more missed due dates or overdue bills piling up in your mailbox.

Enroll in Online Bill Pay and make one payment by April 30, 2023, and get $51!

And if you sign up for Bill Pay in April, you'll receive a $5 enrollment bonus! Think of it as a way to thank yourself for simplifying your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of Bill Pay and get your bills paid on time, automatically. Sign up today and say hello to the simplicity of managing your bills!

How to Set Up Online Bill Pay:

  • Log in to our mobile app
  • Click Move Money on the bottom toolbar
  • Click Bill Pay, then Enroll in Bill Pay
  • Choose your primary account
  • Tap Next and then Sign Me Up!
  • The system will automatically bring you to the Add a Payee screen
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your payee(s)
  • Once your payee(s) are added, use the yellow Pay buttons or Pay Multiple Bills. Here you can also schedule payments by using Advanced Options

Download The Prospera Mobile Banking App

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1$5 is considered income; a 1099 may be issued. To receive $5, you must log into Online Banking and enroll in Online Bill Pay before the end of day April 30, 2023, and send one payment to minimum of one payee prior to April 30, 2023. Only valid on new Bill Pay enrollments. Accounts that are already enrolled for Online Bill Pay do not qualify. $5 will be deposited into the 000 savings account no more than 10 business days after April 30, 2023.