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Cardholder Fraud Awareness

Account Takeover (ATO) is a form of fraud that is becoming more and more popular, unfortunately. What is ATO? Fraudsters will change members' phone number and address to order a new debit or credit card and have it delivered to them. This can result in your account being taken over by the scammer. The scammer will then mimic the credit union’s phone number, act as the Fraud Department, and have you order a new card. This card will then be sent to them.

How to Prevent ATO:

1. Never respond to a text message or call coming from a 10-digit phone number.

2. If a call seems suspicious or you feel pressured to release personal information, hang up and contact the number on the back of your card or call the fraud numbers listed here. (link to contact us page)

3. Never give out personal information over the phone.

4. Cardholders will never receive a call about fraud after responding to a text message.

5. If you believe you have been targeted, immediately report the card as STOLEN. It will then be automatically shut down through the VISA or Mastercard systems and that block cannot be lifted.