How to Prepare Your Bank Accounts for a Trip

Summer is here and people are starting to travel. Before you leave for your trip, we want to remind you to notify the credit union.

This allows us to add a note on your account so transactions outside of our local area won't appear as fraud. This will help prevent your card from being shut off while traveling. All that being said, we still recommend bringing a second form of payment while traveling.

Here's what you should let us know:

  • Where you are traveling
  • How long will you be there
  • Phone number to contact you

How to notify us:

What do I do if I lose my card while traveling?

You can access your accounts online via online banking or our mobile app while traveling. If you lose your card you can temporarily lock it via our mobile app or report it as stolen. Simply open our app and click on "More" in the bottom navigation then choose "Manage My Cards".

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