Here’s the secret to raising a financially responsible adult

You may word it differently, but it’s a question every parent asks:

“What kind of adult do I want my kid to grow up to be?”

We want our kids to grow up to be kind, healthy, and prosperous. How about financially responsible?

Haven’t thought much about how to raise a financially responsible adult? Don’t worry. Researchers at BYU may have found the secret to success: learn by doing. Children who manage money when they're young are more likely to be financially responsible as they enter adulthood.

The study shows children who learned from hands-on experience, not just discussions with mom and dad, were more likely to be confident in making financial decisions in young adulthood, as well as have higher life satisfaction, lower depression and anxiety, and higher financial independence from parents.

So, as parents, what can we do to ensure our kids get those meaningful money-managing opportunities? Let Prospera CU help!

For Young Children

Open a Kids Club Savings Account

  • - We'll help your child get started by depositing $10into their new account
  • - An account just for kids from birth to age 14
  • - Helps teach the value of saving through earning points to apply towards gift cards or cash2
  • - practice budgeting, short-term saving goals, and long-term saving goals

For Teenagers

Open their first Checking Account and Debit Card 

  • - We'll help get your teen started by offering $503 with a new checking account
  • - Aimed at setting up your child for success when they leave the house for college and beyond
  • - Deposit their paychecks using Mobile Check Deposit
  • - Comes with a free contactless debit card that can also be added to digital wallets


  • - Help them stay on top of their balance, transactions, and more with online banking, eStatements, eAlerts, Mobile App (with quick authentication such as four-digit PIN, fingerprint, and face), and so much more
Offers cannot be combined with these or other offers. Offers not transferable. Certain restrictions apply. Account must be in good standing to receive bonuses. Good standing means that the checking account opened in conjunction with this promotion is not negative (including sub-accounts opened on or after the share savings is opened), all loans associated with the account are current (including loans opened on or after the share savings is opened) and there are no charge-off’s or blocked persons associated with the account. Bonuses are considered income; a 1099 may be issued.
1$10 bonus is applicable to new memberships children age 0-14 only. eStatements required to receive $10 bonus. Verification of the child’s Tax ID Number is required to open a minor account. Bonus will be paid within 5 business days.
2Gifts or cash redeemed from Kids Club Savings Account cannot exceed $200 over the lifetime of the account. (No more than 1,020 Daisy Dollars can be redeemed over the lifetime of the account) The Daisy Dollar Account is for members ages 0-14. Members cannot withdraw and redeposit funds in order to receive additional Daisy Dollars; current amount on deposit must equal Daisy Dollars being redeemed. (i.e. 20 Daisy Dollars = $200 on deposit.) Cash and gifts are considered income; a 1099 will be issued.
3Offer valid on new Prospera personal checking accounts only and must include a debit card and eStatements; $25 opening deposit required. The $50 will be deposited into your checking account 60 days after the account is opened. If the 60th day falls on a weekend or holiday the funds will be deposited the following business day. Checking account must be active with a minimum of 10 transactions per month. Automatic transfers to another Prospera account or loan are not considered in the transactions per month. Offer not valid with other promotions. Limited time offer.

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