Family Game Night: Unleash the Magic of Money

Ready to level up your family game nights with some epic board games that not only entertain but also teach money magic? Look no further! We've handpicked three fantastic board games that can help turn kids into financial pros while having a blast with the whole family!


Roll the dice and embark on a journey to build your financial empire in Monopoly! But remember, it's not all about luck; it's about budgeting and financial strategy. Learn to manage your money wisely, make calculated investments, and navigate market ups and downs. Just like in real life, planning ahead for success is essential, and having a Teen Checking Account can help! With this account, teenagers can start practicing responsible money management early on. We'll even help them get started started by chipping in $501 with a new Teen Checking Account!

The Game of Life

Life is full of surprises, and The Game of Life mirrors it perfectly! From career choices to unexpected twists, it's all about financial preparedness and risk management. Learn to tackle significant life events while keeping your finances in check. Start saving early and build healthy financial habits with a Kids Club Savings Account. Teaching kids the importance of saving from a young age is a valuable lesson that will serve them well as they progress through the game and, more importantly, in their real lives. So, take this lesson from the game to heart and secure their financial future!


Step into the fast-paced world of stock trading with the insider-trading board game, Stockpile! In this thrilling game, players get a taste of what it's like to be a stock market guru, making strategic decisions to buy and sell stocks in the quest for wealth and success. The key financial concept emphasized in Stockpile is understanding stock market dynamics. Players gain insights into the forces that influence stock prices, such as company performance, market trends, and investor sentiment.

With these board games, your family can explore financials in a fun and interactive way. Remember, learning about finances doesn't have to be boring. Have some financial fun at your next family game night, and for any real financial needs, give us a call or stop on by to meet with a Branch Partner.

Game on!

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“The more you learn, the more you earn.” - Warren Buffet